Home and Away - Services

Home and Away offer a range of services to suit every budget or requirement.

Our service starts with a standard "peace of mind" security visit to your property, this can be done weekly, fortnightly or monthly. We inspect your property externally for any signs of damage or intrusion. This includes gardens and outbuildings as well. We can also do an internal inspection of your property, ensuring that everything works as it should, and you have no nasty surprises, like burst pipes, etc .... This piece of mind starts from €30 per month.

After the security inspection we email you with any relevant information or recommendations and picture(s) of your house, so that you can see for yourself if anything else needs doing.

Additionally we also offer the following:-

  • Gardening services - charged at an hourly rate. We have a selection of gardeners available to ensure lawns, hedges and pathways are tidy and trim, so you don't spend your precious holiday time keeping on top of it all. (3 hrs minimum charge)
  • Help and support any guests or visitors that you have staying, including acting as your local point of contact should they need help or advice.**
  • Airing or Heating your house before/after visitors - Nothing is worse than turning up to a cold musty house, tell us and we can arrange to turn on the heating for you so its nice and warm when you open the front door. (charged as 1 normal visit)
  • Keyholding - should you need any third parties (artisans, etc) to have controlled and secure access
  • Mail forwarding - handy if you get bills (EDF, Water, Tax Fonciere, etc) sent to your house and they go unpaid (price depends on size and weight)
  • Pool maintenance (this requires a minimum of 1 visit per week, more during high usage periods)***
  • We can obtain quotes for any repairs, or work you require, and help with management of any tradesmen on your behalf.
  • Emergency visits - after bad weather, snow, ice, storms, etc, we can make additional visits just to make sure that everything is OK. (charged as 1 normal visit)
  • Shopping - We can have your kitchen stocked with the essentials so that when you arrive after that long tiring journey you can open a bottle of wine, or tuck into a nice meal, and not have to worry about getting to town for loo rolls before the shops shut...
** includes 1 hour onsite with your clients/guests or waiting for them, additional time charged at hourly rate or part thereof.
*** pool chemicals charged separately.