About Us!

My name is Greg and I live here in the Aveyron with my French wife and our little boy. We moved here in 2007 from good old Blighty when the pound was worth 1.64 euros and second home buying was the norm as we all cashed in on the bargains to be had here. Sadly those days of the strong pound are gone, and now we have a buyers market again although there are signs of change.

Property is cheaper than a few years ago, and that means that while some have moved back, cashing in on the fact that their euros now buy more back in the UK, others are now being tempted to "stick their toes" into the French property market again, and hunt around for a bargain.

The Property market here has evolved quickly since the Pandemic as more and more people decide to pack in the rat race now they have discovered that they can work from home. The market is very buoyant and especially the higher end houses that were struggling to move are finding new owners coming from big cities to find their own piece of heaven. Brexit has also forced some to sell to return the the UK and others to quit Britain for joys of European living and to invest in a little piece of France, but whether you purchase a holiday home, an investment property, or buy to let, unless you are here to look after it you have no idea of whats happening to it. Sadly out of sight, out of mind is not easy when you have invested your life savings, or got a second mortgage.....

If you can't be here to take care of your investment then perhaps we can help.... Whether you want to feel secure knowing that your home is regularly inspected, at a frequency you choose, or you just want the grass cut, pool maintained, or a spring clean, we can get it done for you. We have a list of artisans to call upon for repairs and alterations, and offer keyholding services for your friends and visitors too. In essence, if you need someone reliable to be there ...... whatever the reason, ..... we can be there.